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sohoConcept offers a 2 year warranty for chairs, stools and tables. Outdoor furniture, sectionals, sofas and armchairs have 1 year factory warranty. The warranty on certain products can increase up to 3 years depending on the structure of the model (ex. Sled base or wood stretcher base).

sohoConcept’s limited warranty does not cover any damages incurred during transportation and/or by mishandling.

sohoConcept is not liable for any damages on chair/stool bases used on carpet with improper glides. Carpet requires specific glides to allow bases to slide smoothly.

sohoConcept upholstery and slipcover coverage will vary for each fabric grade as follows: Camira Era/Blazer is covered for ten (10) years, PPM is covered for five (5) years and PU Leatherette /all other Fabric 1 Materials are covered for one (1) year. This coverage applies to the upholstery and slipcover of each piece and does not include the frame of the product. sohoConcept framework and structures are guaranteed free of factory defects for a period of one (1) year.

Please note that claims should be made within a reasonable time delay ex. 24 to 48 hours after receipt. All return items must be in its original box and packaging.

Warranty on the fabric varies depending on the material but is covered for normal use only. COM fabrics are not covered by sohoConcept.

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