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Design Your Ideal Modern Home Office Design Your Ideal Modern Home Office

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Set Up Your Modern Home Office With These SohoConcept Pieces

The rapid spread of Covid-19 has encouraged many employers to mandate their employees to work from home. Working remotely has its challenges such as being confined to your bed or battling over a designated couch. This can be the perfect opportunity to model the ideal home office you have always dreamt of! Who knew a few pieces of furniture could help promote creativity, productivity and concentration? SohoConcept is here to help you create a space that contributes to your work-from-home success with modern furniture!


Modern Furniture in Health Facilities Modern Furniture in Health Facilities

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Whether it’s a doctor’s office or at the dentist, what is it that most patients hope to see once they enter through the door? A Beautiful seating area, an elegant but organized reception desk, and different accessories to make them feel comfortable. Modern furniture plays a huge role in many healthcare facilities to open their arms for patients, workers and everyone else. SohoConcept’s furniture ensures to give much more than just furniture, but an experience for patients to always remember.

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