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Using Furniture to Create a Modern Cottage Design Using Furniture to Create a Modern Cottage Design

When you think of a typical cottage, images of a small, cozy log cabin often spring to mind. Wood paneling, wicker furniture, a fireplace, antiques, and dark decor and furniture. Sometimes, this look can be very quaint. But if done wrong or outdated, it can make a cottage look old and dingy - like something out of a horror movie.

Renovating a cottage is a difficult undertaking, but it’s possible to bring your cottage into the 21st century with some modern furniture. With sohoConcept, you can revitalize an old, dark cottage without doing any renovations. We provide modern cottage furniture to keep your cottage looking bright and fresh.

Contemporary Cottage Furniture by sohoConcept

When choosing modern cottage furniture, adding light and brightness is key. If the walls or floor are dark wood, the ceiling is low, or there aren’t many windows, you need to use furniture to brighten the space. You can choose to stick with a wooden theme for furniture, or use stainless steel to add more modernity to your design. Throw rugs and area rugs are a great way to add depth if the interior is largely made of wood. sohoConcept can provide contemporary cottage furniture options to match any design you have in mind!

Sofas for a Contemporary Cottage Design

A sofa at a cottage needs to be comfortable and easy to relax on with pillows, cushions, or throw blankets. The Boston Sofa sits low, which helps to make a small room seem larger. The stainless steel legs are modern and with tweed material, it gives a room a vintage feel. A set of Boston Armchairs as well adds uniformity and will invite your guests to sit and relax.

Boston Armchair
Boston Armchair

If you need more seating than a traditional sofa provides, the Simena Sectional Sofa is a great option. It also comes in tweed if you want a traditional look. Or, you could make a bold decision and choose red velvet for a statement piece in your living room. The Istanbul Armchair is available in many muted colours, like black and grey, so they will match a variety of colour schemes for additional seating.

Istanbul Armchair
Istanbul Armchair

Occasional Chairs: The Solution for Small Cottage Spaces

Modern occasional chairs are a great choice for a modern cottage design as they can be used in any room where space is available - living room, dining room, bedroom, loft, or sunroom. For a smaller space, these chairs can provide ample seating without being as bulky as a sofa.

The Madison Plywood Chair just oozes that cottage feel. Its wooden legs fit in perfectly with a cabin atmosphere, but the bright colour options and leather material make it modern. Put two or three of these in your living room for a great pop of colour.

Another great option for an occasional chair is the Nova Wood Chair. With its multiple colour options and wooden legs it can create a great contrasting effect inside a cottage. It’s low back and recline are reminiscent of an old lounge chair - perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere in your cottage or falling asleep in after a busy day in the sun.

Nova Wood Chair
Nova Wood Chair

Dining in a Contemporary Cottage

The dining room provides a great opportunity to create a cozy, cabin feel. With the Malibu Dining Table, available in deep walnut, you’re offering an understated and unadorned place to eat your meals. The Aria Wood chairs offer a variety of colour options and wood choices, like light ash or the dark walnut, to match any colour scheme.

sohoConcept can provide modern furniture for your cottage to create a modern design. Don’t worry about costly renovations to create a modern look. With some modern cottage furniture pieces, your getaway space can appear brighter, more modern, and inviting to your family and friends.

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