Design Notes.


The Differences between Traditional and Contemporary Furniture

-they don't usually work well together.

Features of Traditional Furniture

-traditional is all handmade while contemporary is often machine-made
-this doesn't make one better than the other, machines are more precise but low quality machines can be bad too
-traditional is elegant, luxurious, ornate, elaborate carving
-traditional features: claw feet, arched backs, rolled arms, matching carvings and style, large feet, wood trim in upholstery, dark wood, decorative knobs and features
-traditional furniture doesn't have to be huge and unsightly
-it can be softer to fit in with today's common aesthetics
-traditional is anythign that resembles furniture of the 19th century or earlier
-traditional can seem cluttery because it's visually heavy, even if the pieces are still softer

Contemporary Furniture Features

-contemporary is sleek, understated, industrial, subtle
-contemporary features: clean, soft, legs and arms are straight and simple, low to the ground but no sofa skirts, tufting with fabric or leather covered buttons
-contemporary uses lighter wood, also different materials like plastic, rubber, fabric, metal, bolder patterns

sohoConcept provides a variety of high quality modern furniture pieces. Whether bright fabrics and mismatched metals, or dark woods and neutral colours, you can find a contemporary furniture style to fit with the design and style you're trying to create.

For all your contemporary furniture for home or business, contact sohoConcept. We can help you find modern furniture with the right look to fit your style.

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