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Modern Furniture Buying Checklist

Before buying a new piece of modern furniture or refurnishing a space, there are a few things to keep in mind. Walking into a furniture store without a plan can just lead to confusion and frustration. When you've decided to refurnish a space or buy new furniture, make a checklist to make sure you know exactly what you're looking for so you don't waste your time or money!

Determine Your Needs

Furniture needs to serve a function. Do you need somewhere for guests to sit? Eat? Stand? Store items? Determining exactly what your needs are for a space will dictate the type of furniture and quality of furniture that you need to buy. You should also determine any constraints you may have when it comes to furnishing. These could be related to space, health, allergies, materials – anything that may be a special need.

Find Your Style

Whether for your home, a room, or a business, you should always determine the style and aesthetic you want before you start shopping. A clear sense of style gives you the confidence to buy exactly the right pieces and furnish your space perfectly. You can decide on a furniture style for a room that fits into your ideas for that space, or that fits into your wider aesthetic as well.

Having an idea of your style also gives you greater flexibility, since you can keep an eye out for pieces that you otherwise might not have. Finding some really unique pieces is easier when you have a defined style in mind.

Prepare a Budget

Modern furniture styles can vary greatly in price depending on quality, brand name, and location. Set a realistic budget that you can stick to without going overboard or missing out on key items. Without setting a budget, you can very easily overspend on furniture and decor without even realizing. Have a budget for each room or a total budget in mind to help you organize the pieces you need versus the pieces you want and find a middle ground.

Quality is Key

Knowing the quality of the modern furniture you're shopping for is important for both the budget and the needs of the space. If you're looking for furniture for a patio, a kid's rec room, or a casual waiting room, quality may not be as important to you. If you're looking for dining furniture, restaurant furniture, bedroom furniture, or hotel furniture, you're going to want to spend a bit more to ensure you're getting high quality furniture that will last.

When it comes to wood furniture especially, make sure you're buying modern wood furniture made from high quality woods that will last. The materials used to construct the furniture is key for how long they will last.

Learn Your Fabrics

Most people just think about colours when they're choosing furniture. But knowing the type of fabric that suits your space and needs best is key for finding the right modern furniture. Some fabrics are more prone to wear and tear with regular use, so if you're looking for hotel furniture or lobby furniture, you may want to avoid it. Other fabrics are hard to clean, so they may not be suitable for a restaurant or a home with lots of pets. Make sure you know what your needs are and choose an appropriate fabric.

Get Shopping

Now you're ready to start shopping! Whether you look online, in-stores, or get ideas in showrooms, you can be confident that you're making the right decisions for your business or home when choosing furniture.

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