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Modern Design for Your Dining Room

The dining room is the place where family and friends come together. Whether it’s for a formal event, a special occasion, a holiday, or a quick chat to catch up, this room can act as a great host.
Dining rooms have always been a place to gather, eat, and drink with guests. Today, they are used much less often on a daily basis, with many homes including an eat-in kitchen, breakfast nook, or breakfast bar. They are seen as exclusively for formal occasions - very traditional, plain, ‘stuffy’. This doesn’t have to be the case!

A modern design for your dining room using modern furniture can help change this traditional view. If you design and decorate with a modern style, you’ll be looking for excuses to host family holidays and use it on a daily basis.

Choosing a Design

How do you want your dining room to look?

Designing and choosing modern dining room furniture is based on your personal taste. Of course, it depends how much of a statement you’re willing to make as well! Once you decide on a theme, the furniture choices easily fall into place.

You could make bold designs with your choices - metallic furniture with bright colours. If you prefer something more reserved, neutral colours can set the tone for a relaxing room. A pop of colour in a neutral room can change the whole atmosphere. If you prefer a traditional feel, wooden furniture offers a great bridge between modern and conventional design.


Accents and accessories like lighting, rugs, and paintings all help to set the mood. For a modern dining room, bold and unique choices for decor and accessories are a great choice.

Choosing Furniture

A dining room is nothing without a place to sit and eat. The table and chairs will be the focal point so it’s important to choose furniture that fits with your personality and theme.

The Bosphorus Dining Table offers this marriage of traditional dining room decor with modern design. The wood top compliments the metallic legs and offers a lot of freedom to decorate within your personal style. The Patara dining chair is offered in a variety of colours to add brightness.

Bosphorus Table in Walnut
Bosphorus Table in Walnut

If you have a large family and a lot of friends, an extendable table is key for hosting events. The Milano Extendable Table is perfect for those large family events and special occasions. The frosted glass adds elegance to your dining room without being too traditional. Aria Chrome chairs are simple chairs that fit well with this sophistication. You could choose white chairs to maintain a neutral colour scheme, or if you’re feeling bold, red, purple or orange.

The Madrid Dining Table and Calvin Glass Series with simple and bright chairs are also wonderful table options for a modern and clean style.

Storage in dining rooms is a great way to display your china, tableware, and accents and decor. The Malta Sideboard and Malta Bookcase with Drawers offer both function and a modern design for displaying the things you want to show off.

A set of occasional chairs can also add to the atmosphere of your modern dining room. The Rebecca Wire chair or Nova Wood are great options that offer comfort and style. They can also act as accent pieces if you have chosen more conservative options for your table and chairs.

Modern furniture and design can bring your dining room into the 21st century. You’ll want to spend every meal there when you design with modern comfort and style.

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