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Introducing Our Industrial Modern Furniture Line

sohoConcept is excited to announce the release of our Industrial Modern furniture line. Including chairs, bar stools, occasional chairs, and coffee tables, this line embodies the feeling of relaxation, luxury, and a gathering together.

With a focus on the hospitality industry including hotels, restaurants, and bars, the Industrial Modern line invites guests to sit, relax, drink, and dine together. The sleek lines provide room to gather easily around a table or a bar counter without crowding. The varied metals, materials, colors, and styles are a perfect fit no matter what the style of your restaurant or hotel is.

With Industrial Modern for the hospitality industry, you can be sure that your décor will stand out and that your guests will notice. Simplifying modern furniture is key for creating a professional, but also luxurious and relaxing environment. That's what we aim for with our Industrial Modern furniture line.

Industrial Modern Furniture Pieces

Dining Chairs

Industrial Modern features a number of unique dining chairs perfect for a table of any size. The Infinity and Infinity Arm dining chairs are among our most popular in the line, with their gentle curves and comfortable cushions they can fit in almost any space. The Paola and Morelato chairs are for the more bold – the unique chair backs will be like unlike anything else your guests have seen before! The Janelle chair and the Prouve chair are great examples of very simple modern dining chairs that are great for minimalist restaurants or hotels.

prouve chair

Bar Stools

The Industrial Modern line features bright and bold bar stools that are perfect for a restaurant bar, hotel bar, or dining seating. We have included some simple styles, such as the Nelson Stools and the Saba Stools in this line, but the standout stars include our Falcon Piston, Florence Stools, and Pedrali Stools. With their bright colour options, gold and stainless steel bases, and bold lines, they are perfect for a colourful space that isn't afraid to experiment with design.

cattellan stools


We have some exciting additions to our modern table lineup with Industrial Modern. Our Violetta tables are great for lounge areas in hospitality or hotel rooms. Their unique bases help add the illusion of more space and can be great in small areas where this is important. The marble table tops are simple and classy in black and white as well as durable for long use. These tables make the perfect addition to any lounge!

coffee table

For Hospitality

Hospitality is an ever-evolving industry when it comes to trends and design. Many of even the most traditional restaurants and hotels are making the shift into modern furniture and décor. The Industrial Modern furniture line was designed with guest and client experience in mind to help bridge this gap.

Simple and modern hospitality furniture invites guests to relax in a non-dramatic environment. Clean lines, thin legs, and simple chair backs provide guests with a comfortable experience without becoming the focus of the room. Simplicity in modern furniture is key for allowing your guests to focus on each other, their business, their food, or their new environment.

The Industrial Modern line is perfect for this muted role in the hospitality industry.

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