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Creating an Industrial Design with Modern Furniture Creating an Industrial Design with Modern Furniture

Industrial design has become increasingly popular over the past decade. Many houses, condominiums, lofts, and restaurants are focusing on this theme.
An industrial design should evoke feelings of the 1800s or early 1900s industry, like being in a factory or warehouse.

It should be unpolished, edgy, unfinished, minimalist, and utilitarian. Wrought iron, steel, and monochrome are all features of this old-fashioned theme. However, many interior designers are using this industrial look to create modern designs. The use of modern furniture with industrial design features helps to bring the industrial look into 2016. For a modern industrial look, contrast is key for creating something unique.

Industrial Design Features

There are some key design features to keep in mind when trying to create a space with an industrial design. Using metals is essential - steel and iron were very common in the Industrial Age where this look first developed. This can also be contrasted with wood or some bright colours.

Unpolished and unfinished areas are also common in many urban lofts. Keeping concrete or steel columns untouched, leaving ductwork visible, and using cables, cinder blocks, bolts, and nails as decor are all great ways to make your space appear unfinished. An open, exposed ceiling and exposed brick or concrete walls are also very popular. Concrete floors have exploded in popularity because of this trend.

In sticking with the warehouse or factory ideal, most industrial spaces are open concept. Tactile elements such as artwork, decor, and wooden elements are also important to keep the space from seeming sterile and uninviting. Lastly, items don’t necessarily have to match. In an industrial environment like a factory, there would be a hodgepodge of items and equipment. Your home, office, or restaurant can be the same way.

Choosing Modern Furniture for your Industrial Design

Creating an industrial design with modern furniture can be difficult. Metals, dark colours, and open spaces can seem uninviting or uncomfortable, particularly when trying to design a living room or bedroom. You can’t sit on a sofa made entirely out of metal! But with the right furniture choices, your industrial design can not only be modern, but also comfortable and alluring. sohoConcept designs and manufactures a variety of sofas and chairs that help create a modern, industrial look while still being comfortable.

The Taxim Sectional Sofa is an excellent example of modern industrial furniture. The tufting on the cushions bring to mind the industrial age, while the sleek design keeps it in the modern day. The soft wool paired with the metal legs are in perfect contrast with each other. In a neutral colour, this sofa is a must-have for any industrial space.

Taxim Sofa
Taxim Sofa

Another good choice is the Rebecca Wood Sofa because of its unique, modern shape and metal legs. Either in dark grey or a with pop of colour, like purple or green, this sofa adds modernity to your industrial space. The Laguna Sofa and Laguna Armchair are both very minimalist, without any extra cushions or decoration. The Laguna options are perfect if you want to create a utilitarian look.

Laguna Sofa
Laguna Sofa

If you’re looking for a minimalist industrial design, you could forgo a sofa completely and just use armchairs. The Chelsea X Chair’s style is immediately what springs to many people’s minds when they hear the term ‘modern industrial design’. The crossed metallic legs, the leather, the texture - all of it is the perfect marriage between a modern design and industrial look.

Chelsea X Chair
Chelsea X Chair

A simpler option is the Istanbul armchair. It’s simple, the colours are muted, and with its low height, it can help a room seem larger and open. Just like a warehouse, but much more comfortable!

Industrial designs are on trend right now. But you don’t want to make your design too uninviting - you need to include modern elements to make it appealing. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort when creating a warehouse or factory look for your space. By choosing modern furniture, you can create an industrial design that fits in the 21st century.

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