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Choosing a Modern Sectional Sofa Choosing a Modern Sectional Sofa

Sectional sofas are great furniture pieces for businesses or residences that require lots of seating, but want to create a more intimate environment. Living rooms, rec rooms, lounges, restaurants, lobbies – so many spaces can benefit from decorating with modern sectional sofas.

They can also be used as room dividers if you have an open concept space. In a house, you can use a sectional sofa to distinguish between a living room and dining room, or a family room and a kitchen. Sectional sofas are perfect for lofts and bachelor apartments as well to create this divide. For businesses, it can help section off a particular area to make a more intimate setting for guests.

One common misconception about modern sectional furniture is that you need a lot of space or a large room to fit one comfortably. This isn’t always the case. There are many situations where having a sectional in a small room is beneficial. Using multiple furniture pieces, like loveseats or many armchairs, can make a small room look crowded. Using one sectional sofa can make the room appear like it has more space.

Instead of corner sectionals, there is also an option for rounded sectionals. This design is very modern and contemporary and provides ample seating if you have a large family or lots of guests who need seating. However, rounded sectionals only work in large spaces. Most homes, lounges, or lobbies don’t have the space to dedicate to a rounded sectional. Corner sectionals take up less space while still being able to provide ample seating.

Sometimes, the shape of a room just doesn’t allow for a sectional sofa. In this case, a three-seater and loveseat or armchairs can be a better option. sohoConcept designs a variety of three-seater sofas, loveseats, and armchairs to fit in rooms where sectionals just don’t work. Our California Sofa, Boston Sofa, and Istanbul Sofa with the matching armchairs can easily be rearranged and can be more flexible.

Boston Sofa
Boston Sofa

Modern Sectional Furniture by sohoConcept

sohoConcept offers a variety of beautiful modern sectional sofas for both homes and businesses. Our Istanbul Sectional sofa and California Sectional sofa are both modern, sleek, and comfortable. They’re available in a variety of neutral colours to match any colour scheme. Great for large spaces, the big comfortable cushions are welcoming and inviting in any situation.

The Taxim Sectional sofa is a good option for those who aren’t quite ready to commit to a sectional sofa yet. It is available with the chaise attached, or separate as an ottoman. In both cases, the cushions are tufted which adds to the modernity. This sofa is great for a living room or more formal area where you still want your guests to be comfortable.

Taxim Sectional
Taxim Sectional

Depending on the size of your space, the Simena line has a solution for you. The Simena Sectional sofa is great for larger spaces and comes in a variety of colours to match any palette. Go neutral with cream or grey tweed, or make a statement with red velvet. If your space is smaller, the Simena Condo Sectional is a perfect option. Same quality and comfort, but with smaller measurements.

Always make sure you measure your space properly and thoroughly to ensure that the sectional sofa you choose will fit nicely in the space you have.

sohoConcept designs and manufactures modern sectional sofas for both residential and business use. We offer a variety of sectional sofas to fit your needs. Contact us so we can help you find the perfect modern sectional sofa for your space!

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